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Our Mission

Nash Dom was created to serve the unique needs of the Russian-speaking Jewish community in NYC. Shaped by a strong cultural belonging, and Jewish experiences that truly run the gamut, Russian-speaking Jews have often struggled to find a home in the existing landscape of Jewish life.

Nash Dom, a ‘for us, by us’ organization, was created to give this community a space to flourish through cultural, religious, and educational experiences that feel authentic.

Ultimately envisioned as a membership organization, our programming will meet community members where they are. Single and interested in finding like-minded people? Nash Dom has it. Advancing in your career and want professional support? We’ve got you. Have kids and want to ensure that they have meaningful experiences in the Russian language? The Nash Dom team is planning for it.

Wrapped in the familiarity of coming home, but executed with elegance and class, Nash Dom will be the very home away from home that many Russian-speaking Jews in NYC are looking for.

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Our Gallery

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