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Our Trustees

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Anna Rogosnitzky

Founder, Trustee

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Born in Vladimir, Russia, Anna attended Jewish Day School in Moscow and later moved to Israel to attend Seminary. She went on to study Business Administration and Judaic Studies at Mahon Tal University. Her passion for making a difference led her to assume the position of Deputy Director for the Jerusalem Foundation. In this role, Anna marketed the unique opportunity of supporting both Jerusalem and the State of Israel to political figures and donors from around the world. Anna serves as a goodwill ambassador for several Jewish charities and causes, including Petachya, a leading organization in Israel catering to children with special needs. Her most cherished endeavor is establishing Nash Dom (Our Home), which aims to inspire and engage with unaffiliated Russian-speaking Jews in Manhattan.

Stella Binkevich

Co Founder, Trustee

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Stella was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, and immigrated to NYC as a young child. She has worked in a variety of business roles, the most recent of which is as a principal at Via, a transit-tech company. Stella received her B.A. in Economics and Psychology from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Alex Zhik


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Alex was born in Odessa, UA, and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He is a lawyer at Spodek Law Group PC., working on criminal matters, grand jury investigations and felony cases. Alex attended New York City College of Technology and Touro Law School. Driven by a deep desire to be a positive force in people’s lives, Alex brings a tremendous amount of passion to his craft as a criminal attorney.

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Our Leadership

Artem (Shlomo) Gurvich

Leadership Team

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Artem was born and raised in Moscow. He is a medical doctor by training, with a PhD and an MBA. He is currently working for Sartorius as a Project Manager in Business Development. His hobbies include singing, playing piano and guitar. Artem is fluent in five languages.

David Bratslavsky

Leadership team

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David is Managing Partner at IMB Wealth Technology, a Web3/blockchain development and investment company. Originally from Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, David grew up in Ohio and earned his degree from The George Washington University.

Viktoria Tsyrlina

Leadership Team

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Vicka was born in Moscow and immigrated to Israel the following year. She then lived in Paris with her family for over a decade. She holds a degree in Politics, Public Policy and Business Management from NYU. Vicka works at a real estate fund that develops and finances luxury condominiums. In her spare time, she runs along the West Side highway, and sustains a growing plant collection.

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Cheyna Volkov

Leadership Team

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Cheyna was born in Crown Heights to the immigrants from Belarus. She now lives on the Upper East Side. Professionally, she is a litigation attorney, who recently transitioned to finance at Ernst & Young. Cheyna is passionate about Israel and Jewish causes, and enjoys hot yoga, skiing, and traveling.

Jessica Milstein

Leadership Team

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Jessica was born and raised in Denver, CO. She attended the University of Colorado-Boulder and holds a BA in Political Science with a concentration in Counterterrorism Studies. With over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit industry, Jessica has a deep knowledge and passion for Jewish philanthropy. In fact, in 2017, Jessica was named a “15 Under 40 VIP” by the Rocky Mountain Intermountain Jewish News. Jessica is the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who fled the USSR from religious persecution, and the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, an identity that she holds very near and dear to her heart.

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Our Programs

Leah Ginsburg

Director of Kids’ Programming

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Leah Ginsburg has been teaching for over 45 years. She has a  unique pedagogic approach for every child. She helps students to see and open their own potential.  Her teaching ability has a very wide range. She is teaching Judaic studies, music, she also works on child’s creativity, imagination and confidence. She creates with kids theater plays and Broadway shows. She is loved by the kids and their parents. 

Leah was born in Kazakhstan, where she got her masters in Music Arts and Social studies.  
She was a director of a Music school of Almaty.  She composed music and songs. 

Leah was a director of Judaic studies in Moscow and then in Israel teaching younger and older kids the foundation of Judaism and the Legacy of Jewish nation. 

Leah Ginsburg wrote and published several books for kids and adults.

Yael Borovinsky

Hebrew Teacher

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Yael was born in Moscow, where she earned her B.A. and Masters Philology, with a specialization in Teaching, at Lomonosov State University. Yael went on to get a second Masters degree in Translation & Literature from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She’s spoken three languages from childhood and has been teaching Hebrew (particularly to Russian speakers) for 20+ years. She has a passion for bringing Jewish traditions, especially the Hebrew language, to Jews around the globe. Yael’s unique approach helps each of her students master Hebrew in just a few quick months!

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